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Kurulus Osman

Kurulus Osman Episode 25 Full Review

Balgay realizes that Kongar is not telling the truth and tries to convert him towards the Mongolian side again. Kongar tries to withstand the torments of Balgay, but Balgay gives him venom. Osman Bey contends with Hazal because of the actions of the Zohre Hatun.  While Hazal is anticipating thanks to everyone, she gets annoyed with this investigation. Osman Bey tries to search out from where Zohre obtained the venom. In Kurulus Osman Episode 25, Bala Hatun tells that she knows about this venom and it reveals that venom was made by Byzantine. Konur and Boran frame up a trap to capture the fake doctor. Meanwhile, Subutay and Mongolian troopers are advancing towards the Byzantine fort. Princess Sofia gets annoyed at the fake doctor. The fake doctor informs that Zohre is deceased. Princess Sofia says the fake doctor to conceal and resists Subutay. Subutay places a mat on the floor and begins eating. Princess Sofia takes a seat with him and starts chat. Subutay tells that Geyhatu Khan came back to Konya and took the duty of murdering Osman from him. Subutay tells that it is enough to bring Osman Bey and his Alps out of the tribe. Princess Sofia speaks that it is serene to bring out Osman Bey from the plain. Konur ceases the fake doctor while he is escaping. Boran and Konur murder the Byzantine troopers and capture the doctor. The fake doctor tells that Zohre ought the venom, but Konur does not agree with him. The fake doctor then reveals the facts and tells that Princess Sofia is culpable. The doctor tells that Subutay is in the fort and that he will collaborate with Sofia to rescue his life. Sofia places a toxic dagger on the neck of Salvador and speaks to him. Subutay holds up and says that he has altered the religion of Salvador to deceive Osman Bey. Princess Sofia cuts the throat of Salvador a bit.

Burcin tells that she is sad for what she has done. Bamsi tells that he pardons Burcin and tries to make her cheerful again. Bamsi chats about Aybars and manifests his belongings to Burcin. Bamsi tells that he will offer the belongings of Aybars to Siddiq. Princess Sofia speaks that she will send Salvador to Osman Bey. Meanwhile, Konur comes back to the plain and informs Osman Bey what he obtained from the fake doctor. Osman Bey gets the news of the alliance of Subutay and Sofia. Osman Bey says Gunduz Bey that they should take more provisions in the plain. Subutay and Sofia reach to the secret place of Balgay. Balgay inquires why Sofia came. Subutay tells that she came for a union. Balgay tells that it is not an easy job to murder Osman Bey. In Kurulus Osman Episode 25, Princess Sofia tells that she gave venom to Salvador and sent him to Osman. Balgay tells that Subutay will utilize Kongar to execute his plan. A witch doctor affects Kongar completely. Balgay speaks to Kongar and lies to him. Salvador reaches injured in the Kayi plain. Bamsi approaches to his son. Osman Bey speaks to Siddiq and realizes that Sofia poisoned him. Bamsi tries to rescue the life of his son. Meanwhile, Balgay informs Kongar about his scheme and tells him to take Osman Bey somewhere outside the plain. Subutay frames up to assault the plain in the absence of Osman Bey. Siddiq passed away in the arms of his father, Bamsi. Bamsi thanks to Almighty Allah for what occurred with Siddiq.

Bamsi Alp prays for his descendant and tells that he will bury Siddiq next to Aybars. Burcin presents a Kayi flag and Bamsi raps it over Siddiq. Bahadir and Hazal discuss about the actions of Zohre Hatun. Hazal says her son Bahadir that plain is controlled by Osman Bey, not Gunduz Bey, and tells Bahadir not to forget his task. Hazal desires that Bahadir should obtain friendship and trust of Osman Bey. Aygul strolls lonely in the forest and thinks about what occurred. Aygul contemplates of her brother and starts chasing him. All Kayis participates in the funeral of Siddiq. Meanwhile, Kongar returns to the graveyard and tells that Balgay realized everything. Kongar tells the location of the new headquarters of Balgay and that he attached to the union of Subutay and Sofia. In Kurulus Osman Episode 25, Osman Bey and his Alps set forth to murder their foes. Subutay informs Sofia and Balgay how to assault the Kayi plain. Sofia speaks that she will participate in this assault and will direct her troopers. Bahadir speaks to Osman Bey and tells that he desires to join the battle. Osman Bey accepts the request of Bahadir and continues to work together. Burcin informs Bala and Selcan Hatun that Aygul has vanished. Selcan Hatun tells troopers and Dundar to search Aygul. Osman Bey says Kongar to take rest but Kongar denies. Osman Bey and his troopers make their final devising and take action to assault where Kongar highlighted.

Osman Bey and Bamsi secretly murder Mongolian security guards. Bala Hatun tells that she knows the location of Aygul and they reach there all together. Selcan Hatun says everyone to conceal. Hazal is confidentially going somewhere. Selcan Hatun sends Burcin and Bala to search Aygul and starts chasing Hazal. Osman Bey gives the sign of assault and assault begins. Osman Bey considers that all Mongolian troopers are deceased and approaches to Balgay, but this is a trap. Osman Bey perceives that Subutay is not present there. Kongar takes out his sword and assaults Osman Bey. In Kurulus Osman Episode 25, Konur ceases his brother but is seriously wounded. The fight between the Turks and the Mongols starts. Kongar and Osman Bey start to brawl. Osman Bey tries to refresh his memory, but Kongar does not remember anything about his past. Osman Bey hits Kongar and begins brawling Balgay. Meanwhile, Bamsi Alp and the other troopers assault Cerkutay. While Mongol troopers are brawling, Cerkutay runs away.  Bamsi says Alps that they should approach to Osman Bey. Dundar Bey and Gunduz Bey start searching for Aygul. Selcan Hatun continues to chase Hazal and perceives her speaking to someone.

Bamsi and Alps assist Osman, but Balgay runs away. Osman Bey starts chasing Balgay and wounded Cerkutay. Kongar assaults again. Bamsi defeats Kongar. Bala and Burcin find Aygul. Then Dundar and Gunduz Bey reach there. Aygul reminds that her mother was murdered and starts to cry. Dundar Bey tries to quite her daughter. Subutay addresses to the Mongol troopers and tells them to murder everyone. Mongolian and Byzantine troopers slink into the Kayi plain and assault starts. Mongolian troopers under the leadership of Subutay, assault the plain at full speed. In Kurulus Osman Episode 25, Princess Sofia realizes that this is a trap, but it’s too late. Kayis come out of their concealed places and start assaulting. Mongolian and Byzantine troopers despairingly try to protect themselves. The Turks encircle the Mongols. Osman Bey has already returned to the plain since he realized the Mongols intentions. Hazal gets the news from her brother that Subutay will assault the Kayis. Byzantine troopers and Sofia are captured in the corner. All the Kayis assault both Mongols and Byzantine troopers withal their power. Balgay and Cerkutay view this fight from a distance and say he will murder Osman Bey to bring back his son Kongar. Osman Bey assaults Subutay.

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