Mavera Episode 1 English Subtitles

Mavera episode 2

I’m going to tell you a story.A story heard by no ears, seen by no eyes……a story left to be forgotten within the ashes of time Story of four man that ride their horses towards the unknown.Four lonely, orphan and solitary men. The first one of the four man, the first traveler……the diamond of the sea of knowledge, Hadje Ahmed. His companion, Mahmud. Mahmud, who gave his life in order to be a loyal friend.

Pehlivan Khamza from the past, who raised them since they were child… …and the struggling Dervish of present, Also me. Arslanbab’s son, Mansur. Mansur, follow us, come on. Or you are going to be lost around here. I’m coming right away My late father, Arslanbab.. …was the teacher of Hadje and the others. When he passed away, I followed after Hadje Ahmed.

While I was leaving the lands I was born behind, and taking shelter in the safe haven of Hemedani Hadrath… …and while going to far lands with Hemedani Hadrath’s orders, I did not hesitate¬†Horses were running, and the road was laying ahead of us. Hadje Ahmed was in front of us. When Hadje stands in front of you, then there would be not fear in your heart. Our story started on that path. And thank Allah,

it did not end afterwards. Four horsemen changed the course of history drastically.But no one heard about it.Now you will hear it. What you are about to learn is the story of a Dervish, who earned a living through making wooden spoons… …to make wooden swords that will leave non-erased marks on the world. This is the story of strong soldiers that conquered cities that couldn’t be opened by force


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