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Vahyin Izinde (The Journey of Revelation) Full synopsis and How to watch it for free

The production of this Historical TV series started back in 2014; the series actually has features of a documentary. The main subjects of the series are the birth of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), his life events, the appearance of Islam, and the hindrances faced by the Muslims. The subject matter of the series was inspected and accepted by Turkish theology professors and an academic group of scholars and professors appointed by Marmara University. The necessary precautions and measures have been practiced to reflect the reality and truth as much as possible. Besides this, small model copies of the Holy cities of the Mecca and Medina were constructed by the company in Konya so that the series can exhibit that era successfully. The series was planned to have 12 episodes but ended after the eighth episodes.

The series starts by elaborating on how people used to live during the era of ignorance. Most of the people, who spent that era, lived a life full of sins. The people of that time did not hesitate to bury their girls alive. Many people were surf masters or surf merchants. People of that era placed idols, to which they consider their God inside and outside the Kaaba. There is someone awaited to rescue these people and guide them to the right path. The series then in short describes the watchers how Kaaba was constructed.

On April 20, 571, the person who was anticipated for the deliverance of the people has reached. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) becomes a loved one in Mecca and all merchants believe in Him very much. When the Holy Prophet (PBUH) reaches the age of twenty-five, He gets married to Hazrat Khadija (R.A). The tribes of Mecca cannot decide who will put Hajaru al-Aswad (The black stone) in the wall of Kaaba and allot this task to the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Holy Prophet (PBUH) is disturbed by the actions of the people of Mecca. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) starts to go to the cave of Hira (Jabal Al-Noor). On the fifteenth of Ramadan, the angel of Allah, Jibrail (A.S) comes and says the Holy Prophet (PBUH) to read. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) tells that I do not know how to read, but Jibrail (A.S) repeats the same sentence three times.

In the early morning, Jibrail (A.S) goes to the Holy Prophet (PBUH) that He is the last Prophet of Allah. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) returns to His house and says Hazrat Khadija to cover him with a cloth. Then the Holy Prophet (PBUH) continues to visit the cave of Hira.

Jibrail (A.S) delivers new Ayahs (verses) to the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Then, Jibrail (A.S) describes the first ablution. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) says his first prayer. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) next teaches Hazrat Khadija (R.A) and Hazrat Ali (R.A) how to perform prayer. Then the series depicts the addresses of Hazrat Abu Bakr (R.A) and Hazrat Osman (R.A). Hazrat Abu Bakr (R.A) is the first man who embraces Islam. Hazrat Abu Bakr (R.A) becomes a very close companion of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Hazrat Osman (R.A) hears to Hazrat Abu Bakr (R.A) and desires to chat with the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Hazrat Abu Bakr (R.A) takes his companions to the Holy Prophet (PBUH) one by one and assists them to embrace Islam. The number of Muslims slowly begins to increase in Mecca, but this begins to distress some people.

The Holy Prophet (PBUH) intends to appraise His family and relatives; He (PBUH) intends to show them the right path. At the request of Holy Prophet (PBUH), Hazrat Ali invites everyone for a dinner. Abu Lahab, Abu Talib, Hazrat Hamza (R.A), and many others reach there to have dinner. Hazrat Ali (R.A) serves food to everyone. When the Holy Prophet (PBUH) starts to talk, Abu Lahab ceases Him and asserts that the Holy Prophet (PBUH) did sorcery. After that Abu Lahab says that he will not assist the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and says all the people to leave Him alone. These harsh words of His uncle disturbed the Holy Prophet (PBUH).

Vahyin Izinde

One night, Hazrat Abu Bakr (R.A) goes to the house of Bilal Ibn Rabah and chats with him. Bilal questions about the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and Hazrat Abu Bakr (R.A) gives the response to his queries. Bilal is influenced by this discussion and embraces Islam. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) once again calls his relatives for a feast. Hazrat Ali (R.A) sends invitations to all for dinner. Abu Lahab once again tries to quiet the Holy Prophet (PBUH) but this time the Holy Prophet (PBUH) starts to talk. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) calls everyone to embrace Islam, but no one agrees with the Prophet excluding Hazrat Ali. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) speaks about Allah and tells His relatives how to worship and perform prayer. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) tells that He is very sincere with his family and tells why everyone should convert to Islam. Abu Lahab tries to stir from the table. Everyone is hearing to The Holy Prophet (PBUH) and is joyful with his address.

Some days pass and some honorable people of Mecca are very disturbed by Muslims. Muslims are now perceived as a serious risk. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) goes up to a hill and proclaims to the tribes of Mecca. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) delivers a speech and informs everyone about Islam.

Abu Lahab tells that the Pilgrimage (Hajj) season is coming and he will do everything in opposition of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). The wealthy people of Mecca decide to talk to Abu Talib and make him apprise the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Muslims speak about Islam and the Holy Prophet (PBUH) near Kaaba, but the non-believers of Mecca assault the Muslims. Abu Lahab and his spouse throw stones at the house of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) place spiky branches in front of the house of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). The non-believers of Mecca start to assault the Muslims again and again with each passing day. Umayyah Ibn Khalaf catches Bilal and torments him publically. The non-believers torment Muslims and compel them to worship idols, but Muslims resist them. Bilal does not give in his decision and says that he believes in One Allah.

Abu Lahab and his non-believer companions do everything to make the life of Muslims more problematic. They cannot withstand their rage anymore and decide to eliminate the Holy Prophet (PBUH), but Muslims are well aware of it. Muslims try to guard the Holy Prophet (PBUH). The Holy Prophet (PBUH) advises to forbear and remain strong. The wealthy people of Mecca compel Muslims out of their homes and lock them up. Now, one of the toughest trials for Muslims starts.

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