Watch Alp Arslan Episode 20 (20 Bolum) with English Subtitles Free of Cost

Alp Arslan Episode 20

Watch Alp Arslan Episode 20 (20 Bolum) with English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Alp Arslan Episode 20 Review

Alparsalan learned that someone had tortured the soldiers and began searching for these men along with Diogenes. Caghri reassured the tribesmen and went to the funeral with Batur. Kekaumenos learned about the situation in the castle and went to help Diogenes. Caghri stopped to pray on the way but was abducted by some bandits. Another robber attacked the chariot of Cekaumenos and kidnapped the Lord. Alparslan went into the woods to find his father but found no one.

Rari’s son, Rati, went to the palace and told the sultan that he had abducted Caghr. According to Rati, Seljuk was responsible for the death of his father and claimed the land from the sultan. Ivan, another son of Liparit, went to the castle and said that Dukas had killed his father. Evdokya was as angry as Dukas and asked her to do something about it. Dukas drove Ivan out of the castle. While Yinal took possession of the Armenian town, Ferzat attacked him.

Alparslan stopped this attack and ordered Ferzat to be arrested. The Sultan called the Georgian statesmen to the palace and they became angry. Tughrul then went to the tribe and told Alpasrlan what had happened. Alpaslan went to the castle to talk to Diogenes and asked about Dukas. Diogenes wrote a secret message and sent it to Rat. Ferzat asked Yinal to save him from prison and told him the secret documents.

Diogenes said Alparszlan had broken into the castle and persuaded Dukas to save himself. Diogenes Dukas was delivered to Alparszlan. Alparslan gave Rat the general, which saved his father’s life. Rati and Ivan Dukas met several times and dropped him off a cliff. Alparslan returned to the tribe with his father and read the secret message in his tent. Alparslan finally discovered Akca’s true feelings.


Alp Arslan Episode 20 Release Date in Different Countries

06:00 PM Monday

4 April 2022

London,  UK


01:00 PM Monday

4 April 2022

New York, USA


10:00 PM Monday

4 April 2022

Lahore, Pakistan


Alp Arslan Episode 20 English Subtitles 

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