Watch Barbaroslar Episode 22 (22 Bolum) with English Subtitles Free of Cost

Barbaroslar 22

Watch Barbaroslar Episode 22 (22 Bolum) with English Subtitles Free of Cost

Barbaroslar Episode 22 Review

When oruj arrested Kalymnos, he altered the name of the island to kelemez and continued to work for the power of dominance of Turks in the Mediterranean. Oruj told that he had to take back Levitha who was previously dependent on Turks and began to talk to franco, the commander of Modon. Oruj told that Modon was suffering due to the food shortage and he would assist them if Venice returned Levitha. Khizir protected the Muslims present in Andalusia from oppression and get them to kelemez.

When franco was discussing the offer of oruj with other captains, a man came there and told him that he was the new fort’s commander. Gabriel murdered the captains and told them he would never agree with Turks. Oruj set out to levitha and told him that he would renovate the mosque there. Gabriel reached the island and murdered franco. Gabriel told that the deal was not fulfilled and the island belonged to Venice. When pasha came to know about it, he got furious over oruj.

Oruj told that he will get back levitha for Turks and will fulfil his words. Pablo privately went to kelemez and assaulted Meryem. when khizir was treating the wounds of sahsenem, Pablo run away from the island with the help of the plan Gabriel. When oruj came to know that pirates had reached to island, he got furious with the men of pasha and terminated them from their posts. Oruj assigned new taks to sahin and ilyas. Pasha was angry about what oruj did and told him that Sahba will be allotted to this island. Gabriel felt that Kelemez would be attacked by Turks.

Therefore, he sent there all the troops in the fleet. The Venetian soldiers were stopped by khizir and helped oruj to arrest the fleet. Pasha told that the attack on oruj was not right and said to him to move to the court of the military in Gelibolu. When khizir was going to examine the ships in the fleet, he was attacked by Pablo. As Oruj was making preparations to set out for Gelibolu, Gabriel assaulted and arrested him.

Destan Episode 22 Release Date in Different Countries

06:00 PM Thursday

3 March 2022

London,  UK


01:00 PM Thursday

3 March 2022

New York, USA


10:00 PM Thursday

3 March 2022

Lahore, Pakistan


Barbaroslar Episode 22 English Subtitles 

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