Kurulus Osman Episode 158 (158 Bolum) with English Subtitles Free of Cost

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Kurulus Osman Episode 158 (158 Bolum) with English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Kurulus Osman Episode 157 Review

Tajuddin nawyan Osman Sahib says that Kara Jilson was arrested at my behest and that’s all I gave so that I could bring you in front of me and now you are caught in my trap. But I can let up’s mates go. Because I want to show my good intentions. Viewers then they all walk out of the tent and Osman is also the first to ask about the Elcham lady’s father gundos Sahib and his niece on which he shows them that they are both alive. Viewers when the Elcham woman sees her father and sister-in-law alive, she is not released from him and she immediately goes to their cage but Han Bay stops her and says that they have to wait for the father we will redeem them. Then we see that Tajuddin wants Usman Sahib to use his soldier in battle in exchange for gold, but Usman Sahib does not answer him and leaves. But they leave one of their detectives in Mongolian clothing among them. Which is what keeps an eye on them every step of the way.
Alauddin Bay and Bala woman, on the other hand, recognize this imitator Tajuddin nawyan, and Alauddin Bay asks him everything to whom he tells them everything for fear of death, then Alauddin Bay locks him in life with his soldiers. And they say, “If anything happens to my father, I will blow the neck of you all.”
Then there is a sin change and we see that Osman Sahib returns to his palace everyone is very happy to see him so Osman Sahib asks Where Is The Imitation Tajuddin nawyan on which the Cursed woman tells him that she is imprisoned in life. The viewers then come to their Diwan and gather everyone there. Osman Sahib says that the Gundoz Sahib is from the Kai tribe, so if someone takes him away from us, no one will trust us, which is why we have to release him from the prison of this tyrant. And Usman Sahib also says that Tajuddin nawyan is a very disgusting trickster he is hiding his iron hand behind a glove he will surely use someone who hates me too much and the first thought in his heart is that of Jacob Sahib’s son Muhammad but Usman Sahib says that is why I left prison shortage there he will watch every step of it and he will watch

we see a very dangerous person who looks like a Turkish soldier but he blocks the path of Tajuddin Noyan he says when he asks the man for his name that I am a Byzantine executioner and comes from Constantinople. And I am here only for Osman, and I will bring down his head, to which Tajuddin Noya says, “Will you do all this alone?” then he calls his soldiers, whom Tajuddin is very surprised to see, and they both unite . Then he goes to the executioner Princess Olivia and goes there and eliminates the governors who are afraid of Osman Sahib and merges with Princess Olivia.
Then there is sin change and we see that in the absence of Tajuddin nawyan Yaqub Sahib, his son Mahmat is visited by the border market, at which both the woman and Mehmet are very surprised, but then Tajuddin nawyan speak to Mahmat alone and ask him to ally himself to fight against Usman Sahib and some soldiers ask him to whom Mehmet says that my father will never believe, but he gives him many arguments to explain. tries. certukay Kutahi watches his every move and informs Usman Sahib.

Viewers in this episode we are also shown that the Cursed woman who had been dreaming for a long time tells everyone about her dream at the table and reveals her intention to go to Hajj everyone is very happy about it but Usman Sahib tells them in separation that in everyone’s eyes you are going to Hajj but you will go to other tribes and go there and gather all the Chiefs and prepare for war. we will form our state first and after that, you will go on the pilgrimage. And in all this work the mountain of light will go with you.
The viewers then put Princess Maria on the pilgrimage route in place of Osman Sahib Malhun woman.

They plan that Princess Maria will stay with the Mongols after she is captured and will inform them about every step of the Mongols and after getting rid of the Mongols, Osman Sahib will also save Princess Maria’s manga tar, which is in her captivity. And everything goes according to the plan given by Osman Sahib Tajuddin noyan dispatches his soldiers after hearing about the Cursed woman and the burdened pahai kidnaps Princess Maria as the Cursed woman. On the other hand, Osman Sahib marries both Gundoz Sahib and Elcham Khatun’s sister-in-law.
At the end of the episode, we are shown that the Gonja woman who is very upset about the border market in Tajuddin nawyan informs Alauddin Bay about the whole thing and she says that I have been here hiding from my brother. At the same time, a crusader detective shoots arrows at Alauddin Bay, but the echoing woman sees him and turns her up in front of Alauddin Sahib and that arrow hits them.

Kurulus Osman Episode 158 Release Date in Different Countries

05:00 PM Wednesday 01:00 AM Wednesday 05:00 AM Wednesday
 08 November 2023 08 November 2023 08 November 2023
London,  UK New York, USA Lahore, Pakistan
(GMT+1) (GMT-4) (GMT+5)

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