Watch Alp Arslan Episode 36 (36 Bolum) with English Subtitles Free of Cost


Watch Alp Arslan Episode 36 (36 Bolum) with English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Alp Arslan Episode 36 Review

Ap Arslan privately took an action to protect his companions from execution. Lord came to know that alp Arsalan was trying to cease the execution and ordered his soldiers to capture Alp Arsalan. Hasssan and seferiye came to save alp arslan. Suleiman was helped by flora in hiding. Alpagut was trying to show a secret room to Suleiman then they were noticed by alexander. Alexander was locked by alpagut in a room and brought Suleiman to the lord. Alp Arslan came back to the castle with his companions after some time. Alpagut was allowed by a lord to take Sulaiman to a safe place.

Alpagut get the benefit of this opportunity and freed Suleiman from the soldiers of Byzantine. Seferiye was thanked by alp Arslan for what he did. During this, an order from the sultan came to the palace. Alp Arsalan came to know that he had to move to Baghdad and started to think that doctors would make an antidote for the poison. Yusuf made a plan to protect his life and called many troops from Bukhara.

Alparslaan saw a dream and after getting up he came to know that he had reached Baghdad. Alp Arslan got an antidote made by a doctor from the Vizier. he was asked by him to go to a safe place. Besasiri came to know that alparslan had reached the city of Baghdad and therefore, he asked his soldier to capture Alp Arsalan. However, Alp Arslan was not captured by the spies but they took vizier to besasiri. Alp Arslan and his soldiers moved to a protective place and began to ponder reaching the palace. With the order of Alp Arslan, Seferiya was enthroned but this situation was not liked by Oke.

The soldiers were sent by Yusuf to the border of byzantine and with his guests, he came to the castle. Yusuf told that at sunrise everyone would be killed by him in the castle and get the throne. Alp Arslan talked with a spy and came to know about the location of the vizier. Then alparslan came to the palace by following the way the vizier told him. Alp arslan was aksed by calip to take the black stone back from besasiri. Alp Arslan took this task and after getting dressed up like a commander from Egypt he came out to communicate with besasiri.

Alp Arslan Episode 36 Release Date in Different Countries

05:00 PM Monday 01:00 AM Monday 05:00 AM Monday 
 21 November 2022 21 November 2022 21 November 2022
London,  UK New York, USA Lahore, Pakistan
(GMT+1) (GMT-4) (GMT+5)

Alp Arslan Episode 36 English Subtitles 

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