Incoming Turkish Series 2022-2023

Incoming Turkish Series

Incoming Turkish Series 2022-2023

We have compiled a comprehensive list of the Turkish TV series that are in production to assist you with tracking what’s new and what is coming next. This page is updated constantly and has brand-new new shows that subscribe to it. You can customize the notification settings at the bottom of the page to determine when to receive notifications for newly released new shows.

The popularity of Turkish drama is through the roof. In addition, the number of followers of the Turkish series is growing every year. Despite the popularity of releases each year in under a third of the Turkish TV series are completed.

On the other hand, some websites encourage watching videos for free and with high quality on geological constraints.

Here, we will offer you our TOP 13 upcoming Turkish Dramas that you will enjoy watching with your friends, family, or yourself. Here’s The List Of Top 13 Upcoming Turkish Dramas (2022)

You’re without a doubt tired of watching upcoming Turkish drama and are curious to know what’s in store for you. Therefore, below are several of the best-rated and most watched web series you would desire to appreciate.

  1. Duy Beni– Hear Me

The play’s story about family ties and the phenomenon of bullying among adolescents at a distinguished school will highlight interestingly.

  1. Senden Daha Güzel – Better Than You

The series based on the main characters of a writer and a famous surgeon from Istanbul will give dialogue between the two that is predominately driven by their romance. The source of the representation of the doctor says the love story of the main characters of the series from her hometown of Antep, and the heart doctor will be called Cerrito Be Called ”.

  1. Tozluyaka

The night of the party offers Ali and his friends in place for what could be, an amazing night. All they have is an endless night of secrecy and doubt. They begin to think that nothing can or will fall in their favour. Then, a miracle occurs from a source of doubt, which is afforded to them. In reality, absolutely nothing turns out as it had intended.

As they fearlessly set off on their new life to seek the truth, their bravery will continue to grow and their intuition will broaden as their skill grows. When they add the intelligence of their bravery acquired to their inherent strength, they will only have to open the doors of that secret night one by one. Finding the keys is a long journey.

  1. Seversin– You Love It

Seversin narrates the story of Tolga, a fledgling actor en vogue, who was never satisfied with his circumstance, whereas Asya is a clerk who works at a shopping centre and dreams of going to college. bear witness to the unforeseen tandem of these two young people with different views of life, who encounter one another due to the waves of coincidence. Asya unexpectedly finds herself in a situation that she never anticipated, Tolga, who collects young girls, will have to pay the price for underestimating Asya.

  1. Gül Masalı– Role Tale

It covers the story of Gonca, who inherits and becomes acquainted with the dark events of her past after her mother’s death, and the Atabey family’s son Toprak, who has a successful career and higher standing within his family than his peers.

  1. Gelsin Hayat Bildiği Gibi

Leaving his messy past behind, Sadi Payasli, who’s appointed as a geography teacher at Karabayir Senior High School, crosses the path with five young students from the reintegration.

  1. Incoming Turkish Series 2022-2023

Balkan Ninnisi tells the story of the struggle of two individuals of different nationalities to achieve their impossible for the sake of their love for Skopje, which remained an Ottoman city for 600 years and where the Turkish and Albanian populations lived on one side and the Macedonian population lived on the other.

  1. Seni Kalbime Sakladım(7 Episodes) Ended

The upcoming series, directed by enolSnmez and written by Burcu and Pnar Kaya, will look into the dynamics of the series, which explores the relationship between a shrewd, yet intelligent woman and her childhood friend, who has become a widowed little guy.

  1. Ah Nerede– Oh Where

Their youngest child, Murat, is a compulsive gambler who cares little for anything else but betting on anything. His little brother, Omar, seems to be a classmate of engineering school, though he is a musician offering his services in public. Their eldest son, Ferit, grabbed planning to enter medical school at university in the dark after neglecting his family and squandering his father s money.

Ferit, who is unmarried and dreams of marrying flirty, beautiful, and most of all young women who are ladies throughout his lifetime, enjoys himself with juvenile delight in the presence of women’s attention. He liked and cared for three different girls in three different columns, and he is great with them. Until he met Zehra.

Burak, Nischal, and Sera come to the realization that they have all been used as Decoys, and they get together and formulate a plan of revenge. Just as Ferit shattered their hearts, they also intend for Ferit to break his.

However, there could be still something she doesn’t know about the scene. Zehra will be playing a big part in the revenge that’s to be avenged from the flirt Ferit.

  1. Mükemmel Eşleşme– Perfect Match

Tells the tales of a large family and warm people, about two young people who had the chance to meet through the help of their mothers and how they made a happy family.

  1. Gizli Saklı– Hidden Secret (8 Episode) Ended

The theatre featured in Gizi Sakl, where joy, excitement, crime, and comedy intersect, will lock the audience on the screen; Naz has just graduated from the New Jersey Police Academy and lives with her mom and uncle, who are exemplary characters. After the police encounter a society boss named Tark Kosuoglu, they decide to employ Naz and Pamir on a secret mission. Like a recently married couple, Naz and Pamir will move through the mafia-slotted r home, work with Tark Kosuoglu on his issues, and gain his trust, eventually bringing him to justice.

  1. Sevmek Zamanı– Time to Love (5 Episodes) Ended

Firuze is a sharp, contemporary rendition of falsely spectacular. She is a quiet and determined young woman who holds a brief activity while studying and working. After a turbulent childhood, she lives a quiet lifestyle with her siblings and their accepted Muhsin Baba. Until she crossed paths with Kagan.

She was a particularly suspension of care who looked like the initials of her name embroidered in a handkerchief. It grew to turn into a whirlwind that is raging around her loved ones. She’d started to fly beyond her safe enclosure by pulling away from her family, dominated by men of the household with whom she delighted and observed her life that they can watch over.

  1. İçimizdeki Ateş– Fire Within Us (5 Episodes) Ended

That is the story of four strong, intelligent, ambitious, successful individuals who took their first steps in the business world to reach health and realize their dreams.

Kendall, Bahar, Hale, and Ege, the trio of lawyer candidates who graduated from the faculty of law, go through a series of difficult eliminations and start working with their host, Famous Liar Do, and Beaver’s wife T lin Tan. They are held responsible for their misbehaviour in the internship.

While facing all sorts of challenges along our journey, we will experience the journey of attaining our goals with the guidance of Do an and T lin and what they will gain and abandon from here.


At the very top of this article, I provided a series of upcoming Turkish dramas. I hope that after reading through that it is more convenient to learn about them and that this list helps you guys with your inquiries.

So what are you waiting for? So go see the shows, most of the shows can be found on YouTube, and if any show is not available you can watch it here. If you liked the article, do share your thoughts in our comment section down below.



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