Islamic Turkish Tv shows to watch in 2023 / Islamic Dramas 2023

Islamic Turkish Tv shows

Islamic Turkish Tv shows to watch in 2023 / Islamic Dramas 2023


Television shows from Turkey have become popular. People love them because they tell great stories and show us exciting cultures. In 2023, some TV shows from Turkey talk about Islamic things. They are fun to watch and teach us about essential values. Let’s take a look at some of these excellent shows!

Resurrection: Ertuğrul – A Brave Story

“Resurrection: Ertuğrul” is a show that takes us back to a time long ago, in the 13th century. It’s about a guy named Ertuğrul and his adventures. He’s a brave leader who cares about doing what’s right. The show also talks about Islamic teachings, like being good and believing in yourself. We can learn a lot from Ertuğrul’s bravery and how he helps his people.

The Last Emperor: Abdulhamid – Being a Good Leader

“The Last Emperor: Abdulhamid” is a show that teaches us about a man named Sultan Abdulhamid II. He was a leader of a big empire called the Ottoman Empire. The show is like a history lesson. It talks about how Abdulhamid had to make important decisions and be a good leader. Even when things were hard, he tried to be fair and do what was right according to Islamic values.

The Great Seljuk: Awakening – Standing Together

“The Great Seljuk: Awakening” takes us to another time, back when the Seljuk Empire was important. The show talks about a Sultan named Alp Arslan. He was strong and wanted to make his empire a good place for everyone. The show is all about working together and following Islamic teachings. It’s cool to see how people in the past cared about justice and unity.

Mehmed: The Conqueror of the World – A Big Adventure

“Mehmed: The Conqueror of the World” is like a big adventure story. It’s about a Sultan named Mehmed II who wanted to capture a big city called Constantinople. The show is exciting because it talks about battles and strategies. But it also shows how important it is to have faith and be humble, even when you’re powerful.

Farewell Rumelia – Keeping Strong

“Farewell Rumelia” is a show that takes place in a different time, the late 19th century. It talks about how people had to be strong during tough times. The characters show us how to keep our Islamic identity when things around us are changing. They teach us about family and not giving up on our beliefs.


Islamic Turkish TV shows in 2023 are really interesting. They teach us about bravery, leadership, unity, and staying strong in our beliefs. These shows are not only fun to watch, but they also help us understand important Islamic values. So, if you like stories about brave people and important lessons, you’ll enjoy watching these awesome shows from Turkey!


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