Kurulus Osman Episode 27 English & Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 27

Kurulus Osman Episode 26 Full Synopsis

Kurulus Osman Episode 26 was the second last episode of seasons. Osman Bey assaults Subutay with all his power. A savage brawl starts in the center of the plain. All Kayis guard their plain. Byzantine troopers and Mongols start to lose the fight. Osman Bey triumphs over Subutay and captures him. Bamsi Bey and the Alps take over Sofia. Bamsi intends to take retribution of his departed sons from her. Bamsi and Sofia start brawling. Abdurrahman Ghazi and Dundar Bey cease Bamsi when he is about to execute Princess Sofia. The Alps capture Sofia and take her to a tent. Dundar Bey and Abdurrahman Ghazi try to serene Bamsi. Balgay and Cerkutay covertly assault Abdurrahman Ghazi. Princess Sofia avail this chance and murders the Alps holding her. Abdurrahman Ghazi cannot cease Sofia as he is wounded. Meanwhile, Konur tries to pull through. Kongar takes the dagger of the Alp that gives him water and pierces his strings. Osman Bey and Gunduz Bey perceive Abdurrahman. Abdurrahman Ghazi tells that Sofia has run away. Abdurrahman Ghazi was badly wounded on his arm. People carry Abdurrahman Ghazi to the health tent. Balgay and Princess Sofia meet in the jungle and run off. The doctor tells that Abdurrahman Ghazi has lost a large quantity of blood and his arm should be pierced. Osman Bey and others are very upset about the circumstances.

Kongar places the dagger on the throat of his brother Konur. Konur speaks about the past and tries to remind his brother who he is. Osman Bey informs Selcan Hatun and Bala Hatun about the condition of Abdurrahman Ghazi. Konur always whoops Goktug and this reinstates the memory of Kongar. Goktug recalls what he did to his brother and starts weeping. Subutay calls Osman Bey to his tent. Osman Bey reaches to Subutay and hears to what he speaks. Subutay tells that he desires his hands to be unlashed and desires to brawl Osman Bey. Osman Bey agrees to Subutay and Subutay is unlashed. Osman Bey assaults Subutay once again and inquires about Geyhatu Khan from him. Subutay tells that Geyhatu Khan will come. Subutay menaces everyone in the plain. Osman Bey smacks Subutay and drops him on the ground. Balgay realizes that Mongolian troopers are deceased. Princess Sofia says Balgay to go to the fort and Balgay agrees to her offer. Subutay tells that the Turks will die and the Mongols will assault again and again. Osman Bey raises his sword into the air and separates the head of Subutay from his body. Osman Bey announces that he will send the head of Subutay to the Geyhatu Khan. Hazal and Bahadir discuss about Osman Bey. Hazal tells that a great calamity is coming. Hazal ponders Geyhatu Khan will assault the Kayi plain and decides to send her son Bahadir to her brother. Also Read,

Balgay and Sofia reach to the fort. While, Sofia ponders Geyhatu will reach soon, Balgay tells that he has gone back to Konya. Princess Sofia agonizes. Balgay tells that Osman Bey can assault the fort, but at the same time new troopers of Sofia become visible. Aygul begins to hate Hazal and considers her responsible for the demise of her mother. Selcan Hatun tells that she was at wrong regarding Hazal. Hazal speaks that everything will be fine. Abdurrahman Ghazi discloses his eyes and inquires about his situation. Dundar Bey tells that the doctor will assist. Osman Bey and Gunduz Bey reach. Abdurrahman Ghazi requests everyone to stay with him. The doctor pierces the arm of Abdurrahman Ghazi. Abdurrahman Ghazi yells as Allah and then becomes unconscious. Balgay does not like the new troopers of Sofia. New troopers assault Balgay. Cerkutay spikes one of the troopers, but nothing occurs to the trooper. Balgay speaks that there is a wretch inside the troopers. Princess Sofia tells that her father gave the troopers a concoction. In this way, the troopers do not sense the agony. Princess Sofia tells that the concoction has shown its result for a few days. Gunduz Bey tells that they realized this assault thanks to Hazal Hatun, but Osman Bey ponders how she learned this information. Meanwhile, a few Alps return and inform that Princess Sofia has run away, thanks to Balgay. Osman Bey tells that they are in the fort. Then Goktug, Dumrul, and Konur return to the Kayi plain.

KGoktug tells that Balgay gave him venom and that is why he did it. Konur discloses his eyes and ceases Bamsi. Konur is brought to the doctor for the treatment. Goktug tells that he desires to remain with his brother and gets sanction from Osman Bey. Dundar Bey speaks to Bahadir and Hazal. Dundar Bey inquires from where the brother of Hazal got the information of this assault. Hazal protects her brother and says them to thank him.  Aygul hears to their discussion from a far. Dundar Bey accepts the request of Hazal and agrees to send Bahadir. Dundar Bey goes to Gunduz Bey to discuss Bahadir, Gunduz Bey also agrees. Then Goktug reaches and says that he does not intend to live. Osman Bey says Goktug to cheer up. Osman Bey speaks to Bala. Bala says Osman Bey to be cautious and to do everything with the will of Almighty Allah. Konur wakes up and speaks to Goktug. Konur says his brother to be devoted to Osman Bey. Osman Bey tells that he will take retribution of Konur and sets forth.

Osman Bey says that he will go to Konya road with Boran and orders Bamsi Bey to guard them against Princess Sofia. Kongar goes to the fort. Bamsi frets regarding his son. Kongar tells that he murdered Konur and escaped from there. Later, Kongar informs that Osman Bey will bring the laws of Genghis Khan to the Geyhatu Khan. Princess Sofia tells that she intends to go with Balgay, but Balgay tells that he will take retribution of his son alone. Princess Sofia and her troopers set out after Balgay left the fort. The doctor tells that he tried his level best, but the injury of Konur is puffed up. Gunduz Bey and Dundar Bey speak to Konur. Konur says the Shahada and passes away. Kongar murders the Byzantine troopers taking him to a sanitarium and runs away from the fort. Balgay perceives Osman Bey and Boran. When Osman Bey ceases to rest, Balgay tells that he will assault him. Kayis perform pray for Konur and brings him to the graveyard. Meanwhile, Aygul gets bad and continues to ponder about the demise of her mother. Osman Bey and Boran cease somewhere to take rest. Bamsi ceases them as Princess Sofia and her troopers advance through the forest to capture Osman Bey. The new troopers of Sofia try to guard her. The Alps shoot the Byzantine troopers with arrows, but nothing occurs to them. Princess Sofia avails this chance and escapes. Bamsi and the Alps start to assault.

Aygul holds the belongings of her mother and speaks about her. Later, Aygul takes the knife of her mother. Balgay and his troopers surround Osman Bey. Bamsi and the Alps brawl the Byzantine troopers. The Alps wounded the Byzantine troopers but cannot murder them.  Bamsi says to the Alps that they should be confident and assaults the Byzantine troopers again and again. Aygul covertly approaches Hazal and places her dagger on her throat. Balgay and Mongolian troopers leave the place where they are concealed. Goktug becomes visible when Balgay is assaulting Osman Bey and says that Kongar is deceased. Balgay gets annoyed and assaults the Turks because of the disloyalty of his son Kongar.  Bamsi and the Alps are still brawling with the Byzantine troopers and they are getting exhausted. Dundar Bey perceives Aygul and tries to cease her. Aygul is annoyed with Hazal because of the demise of her mother and can murder her at any moment. Osman Bey murders Mongolian troopers and assaults Balgay. Goktug murders Cerkutay. Osman Bey catches Balgay. Aygul tells that she is very sad about what occurred to her. Bala Hatun tries to serene her. Selcan Hatun utilizes this chance and neutralizes Aygul. Bamsi stirs once again and sets out to assist Osman Bey. Hazal speaks to Aygul and says that she intends to be her mother. Aygul relaxes and does what Hazal says. Goktug tells that he wants to murder Balgay, but at the same time, Princess Sofia reaches and hits Goktug with an arrow. Princess Sofia says that Balgay has betrayed her. Osman Bey executes Balgay when he tries to get his sword off the ground. Princess Sofia tells that she murdered Bamsi and the Alps. On hearing this, Osman Bey assaults Sofia.

Kurulus Osman Episode 27 English Subtitles | Season Finale


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