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Mehmed Bir Cihan Fatihi (The Conqueror) Full Synopsis

Mehmed: The Conqueror is the TV series regarding the life history of Ottoman Sultan Mehmed Fateh, who vanquished Constantinople. The series begins from the 15th century. In 1451, Shehzade Mehmed departed from Manisa to Edirne to move up the throne after the demise of his father Murad Khan. Mehmed has a big dream. Win of Constantinople, the most valuable city. However, he has hindrances in the way of his dream. He has to prevail over these obstacles. Shehzade Orhan, another applicant for the throne, was in Constantinople. King Constantinos intends to put Shehzade Orhan in charge of the Ottoman Empire and decides to send Orhan to Edirne. Candarli Halil Pasha, who is holding back for them in Edirne, will assist them for the throne; this will lead to a new period in the Ottoman Empire.

Sultan Mehmed returned to the city where he was uncrowned many years ago to become Sultan again. The reminiscences of his childhood in Edirne slump on him like an incubus. While he is thinking about, what he will decide about Candarli. He chases Shehzade Orhan who is asserting the throne. In Mehmed Bir Cihan Fatihi, When Orhan took shelter in Byzantine land, all balances altered. Eleni, who was compelled to marry Shehzade Orhan, faced Sultan Mehmed in Edirne. Byzantine is coming to the verge of war with the Ottomans, the decision of Sultan Mehmed will alter the history. Sultan Mehmed, who returned to Edirne with the assistance of Mara Hatun, manages to get the throne with the authority of the principalities that combined with him.

Candarli Halil Pasha has no option and surrender to Sultan Mehmed. Shehzade Orhan which was assisted by Byzantines was late. Shehzade Orhan, who has become the prey of Sultan Mehmed, can not follows the schemes of the Greek ruler Constantinos. On hearing the news that Mehmed has reached the throne, the Byzantine Empire was compelled to make new moves. They are conscious of the risk that will come when Mehmed reached to the throne. Because they realized that Mehmed will brawl for his Constantinople dream. Moreover, the assistance of Orhan by Byzantine territory causes Mehmed to be more staunched.

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Sultan Mehmed continues his task for the vanquishing of Constantinople secretly. For this reason, Zaganos Pasha, Sahabeddin Pasha, Architect Muslihuddin and his adviser Aksemseddin prepare the schemes for Constantinople behind concealed walls of the Ottoman palace. Concealing his schemes from the Grand Vizier Chandarli Halil Pasha and Ishak Pasha, Mehmed is intended not to repeat his mistakes. Candarli has other schemes to control Mehmed. Mara Hatun, the mother of Sultan Mehmed, will take her bit from these schemes. But this is not a considerable risk in the way of win. Byzantine ruler Constantinos intends to collaborate with Chandarli Halil Pasha. Asserting that he intended to marry Mara Hatun, Constantinos took action for the campaign. Constantinos, who is aware of the dream of Mehmed for Constantinople, is planning to make counterblow.

Mehmed and Delibash returned to Constantinople undercover and came as a result of the contemplative Gennadios call for assistance. Mehmed, who takes action to stop the campaign from calling, succeeds. The failure of the unity campaign with the move of Sultan Mehmed demented the Byzantine palace. After the incidents, all the Turks in the city whose gates were locked by the order of Constantinos were inquired by the Byzantine troopers. The arrest of Sultan Mehmed and Delibash is a matter of time; they are confined in the city. On the other hand, the moves of Melike made by mislaying herself, against her covetousness in Edirne. It causes Sultan Mehmed to realize the secret ha has concealed from everyone.  The learning of Melike will also turn on Chandarli Halil Pasha. The circle around Sultan Mehmed is slowly diminishing both in Edirne and Constantinople.

Aksemseddin demonstrates that destiny has chosen Mehmed at every chance and enhances self-belief of Sultan Mehmed Khan. Mehmed, with the assistance of Eleni and Pashas, can calculate how to win Constantinople. As Mehmed is preparing to make moves for Constantinople, on the other hand the Byzantine ruler Constantinos makes a scheme to tackle Mehmed. Constantinos tries to utilize Shehzade Orhan as his last trump card. Constantinos, who once again plans to resist Sultan Mehmed and Shehzade Orhan is ready to do anything for retribution. After Demetrius was taken captive, Constantinos ponders that he can beat Sultan Mehmed with the known Byzantine games and sets up a new game and allows Karamanoghlu to conquer the Ottoman lands. He ponders that he will compress Sultan Mehmed into the corner with the help of Shehzade Orhan, who has become his miniature again. Yet Constantinos is unaware of the fact, that Sultan Mehmed is conscious of everything. He is unaware that when they are after small pastimes, swords are filed, balls are manufactured, and triremes put down to water one by one. He does not realize that praying rows are getting thronged, the faith is revitalized, the sounds of prayer leaping up from Edirne to the sky are already reiterating in the cupolas of Hagia Sophia. And he does not realize that Constantinople will surely be vanquished and the beautiful leader who will vanquish it will remain on his promise to his father and turn out the Ottoman state into a world state.

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Constantine cannot believe the kidnapping and captive of his brother Demetrios. Moreover, Mara Hatun reached to the area of the Ottoman Empire. Constantinos collaborates with Karamanoghlus against Sultan Mehmed. Karamanoghlu starts to attack the lands belonging to the Ottoman domain. Constantinos who waged war in opposition to the Ottoman Empire, with the Byzantine pastimes, intends to finish the dream of Mehmed of Constantinople. But this will not be an easy job for Constantinos to do so. A venture is made in opposition of the Karamanoghlu, who attempt to attack the lands belonging to the Ottoman Empire. Sultan Mehmed and other Pashas, who forecasted that the Byzantine Empire was assisting to Karamanoghlu, they desired to resolve this issue as soon as possible for the Constantinople.

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